I noun ability to perceive, ability to reason, ability to understand, brain, brilliance, cerebration, cognition, cognitive faculty, comprehension, genius, intellectual powers, intellectuality, intellegentia, intelligence, mens, mental ability, mental acuteness, mental capacity, mental faculty, mentality, mind, power to reason, rational faculty, rationality, reach of mind, reason, reasoning faculty, reasoning power, sense, understanding II index caliber (mental capacity), character (personal quality), comprehension, mastermind, reason (sound judgment), sense (intelligence)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • intellect — (n.) late 14c. (but little used before 16c.), from O.Fr. intellecte intellectual capacity (13c.), and directly from L. intellectus discernment, a perception, understanding, from noun use of pp. of intelligere to understand, discern (see… …   Etymology dictionary

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  • INTELLECT — The rationalism of medieval Jewish philosophy is manifest in its doctrines of intellect. Seen as both an incorporeal, universal heavenly substance and as a personal psychic faculty, intellect is both within man and without; it is viewed as the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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