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  • laudabilis, ...le — lau|da̱bilis, ...le [aus gleichbed. lat. laudabilis]: lobenswert; z. B. in der Fügung ↑Pus bonum et laudabile …   Das Wörterbuch medizinischer Fachausdrücke

  • Icterus laudabilis — sentlusinis spalvingasis trupialas statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas atitikmenys: lot. Icterus laudabilis angl. St. Lucia oriole vok. Santa Lucia Trupial, m rus. санта люсийский цветной трупиал, m pranc. oriole de Sainte Lucie, m ryšiai:… …   Paukščių pavadinimų žodynas

  • Oriole de Sainte-Lucie — Oriole de Sainte Lucie …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Academic grading in Denmark — In Denmark, the educational system has historically used a number of different systems of grading student performances, several of which are described below. The current grading system is the 7 trins skala (7 step scale) which replaced the 13… …   Wikipedia

  • St Lucia Oriole — Taxobox name = St Lucia Oriole status = NT | status system = IUCN3.1 regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Aves ordo = Passeriformes familia = Icteridae genus = Icterus species = I. laudabilis binomial = Icterus laudabilis binomial… …   Wikipedia

  • Dophla evelina — Redspot Duke Conservation status Not evaluated (IUCN 2.3) Scientific classification …   Wikipedia

  • Carmen Bristoliense — The Carmen Bristoliense (Song of the Bristolians) is the school song of Bristol Grammar School, which is sung in Latin. The song was written in 1909 by the Headmaster (then Mr. Cyril Norwood), and set to music by the Director of Music (then Mr. C …   Wikipedia

  • laudable — A term from the past used to describe a quality of pus (thick and creamy) that suggested the wound would ultimately heal through granulation process and not be associated with sepsis and death. [L. laudabilis, praiseworthy] * * * laud·a·ble… …   Medical dictionary

  • laudable — (Del lat. laudare, laudar.) ► adjetivo literario Que es digno de alabanza por sus positivas cualidades. SINÓNIMO loable * * * laudable (del lat. «laudabĭlis») adj. Digno de *alabanza. ≃ Loable, plausible. ⇒ Alabable, digno de alabanza, digno de… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • loable — ► adjetivo Que merece ser loado o alabado: ■ su sincera actitud me parece muy loable. SINÓNIMO laudable ANTÓNIMO censurable * * * loable (del lat. «laudabĭlis») 1 adj. Digno de alabanza. ≃ *Laudable, plausible. 2 f. Refresco que se daba en… …   Enciclopedia Universal

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