I adjective afraid, apprehensive, careful, cautious, chary, circumspect, distrustful, doubtful, doubting, dubious, entertaining suspicion, frightened, guarded, heedful, hesitant, hesitating, in doubt, mistrustful, questioning, shy of, skeptical, suspect, suspecting, suspicious, unbelieving, uncertain, unconvinced, unsure, vigilant, wary, watchful, without belief, without faith II index suspicious (distrustful)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • leery — untrusting, suspicious, alert, 1718, originally slang, with Y (Cf. y) (2), and perhaps from dialectal lere learning, knowledge (see LORE (Cf. lore)), or from LEER (Cf. leer) (v.) in some now obscure sense. OED suggests connection with archaic… …   Etymology dictionary

  • leery — [adj] suspicious careful, cautious, chary, distrustful, doubting, dubious, on one’s guard*, shy, skeptical, uncertain, unsure, wary; concept 529 Ant. certain, sure, unwary …   New thesaurus

  • leery — ► ADJECTIVE (leerier, leeriest) ▪ cautious or wary. DERIVATIVES leeriness noun. ORIGIN from obsolete leer «looking askance», from LEER(Cf. ↑leer) …   English terms dictionary

  • leery — [lir′ē] adj. leerier, leeriest [prob. < ME lere (var. of lore, LORE1) + Y3: current sense infl. by LEER] 1. Obs. knowing ☆ 2. on one s guard; wary; suspicious …   English World dictionary

  • leery — [[t]lɪ͟əri[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED: usu v link ADJ, oft ADJ of/about n If you are leery of something, you are cautious and suspicious about it and try to avoid it. [INFORMAL] Executives say they are leery of the proposed system... They were leery… …   English dictionary

  • leery — UK [ˈlɪərɪ] / US [ˈlɪrɪ] adjective Word forms leery : adjective leery comparative leerier superlative leeriest informal if you are leery of someone, you do not trust them …   English dictionary

  • leery — adj. leery of * * * [ lɪ(ə)rɪ] leery of …   Combinatory dictionary

  • leery — leer|y [ˈlıəri US ˈlıri] adj informal [Date: 1700 1800; Origin: Perhaps from leer cheek ; LEER] careful in the way that you deal with something or someone because you do not trust them = ↑wary leery of ▪ I was very leery of him after I found out… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • leery — I. /ˈlɪəri / (say learree) Colloquial –adjective 1. doubtful; suspicious: *Maybe she didn t like the new kid because she was so leery of his mother. –t.a.g. hungerford, 1983. 2. knowing; sly. –phrase 3. leery of the brush, (of a man) nervous… …  

  • leery — also leary adjective Date: 1896 suspicious, wary often used with of < leery of strangers > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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