main point

main point
I noun backbone, basis, caput, cardinal feature, cardinal point, central idea, chief feature, chief issue, chief part, chief point, core, cream, critical feature, critical point, crucial feature, crucial point, crux, drift, elixir, essence, essential matter, essential part, essential point, essentialness, force, fundamental feature, fundamental part, fundamental point, gist, gravamen, heart, implication, import, important feature, important part, important point, kernel, key, keynote, keystone, lifeblood, main idea, main thing, major part, marrow, material point, meaning, nucleus, outstanding feature, pith, pivotal point, prime constituent, prime ingredient, principal point, prominent aspect, prominent point, purport, quiddity, quintessence, res summa, salient feature, salient point, sense, significance, substance, tenor, vital concern II index center (essence), content (meaning), cornerstone, gist (ground for a suit), gravamen

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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