I (reference) noun allegation, allusion, assertion, commemoratio, comment, communication, enlightenment, expression, hint, implication, indication, indirect hint, inference, insinuation, intimation, mentio, note, passing word, recital, recitation, referent, relation, remark, report, statement, suggestion II (tribute) noun acclaim, acclamation, adulation, applause, appreciation, approbation, approval, blandishment, celebration, citation, commendation, compliment, credit, decoration, esteem, eulogistic speech, eulogy, exaltation, expression of merit, flattery, glorification, high opinion, homage, honor, laud, laudation, mark of honor, official recognition, panegyric, plaudit, praise, public recognition, regard, respect III verb acquaint, adduce, advert to, affirm, allude to, announce, annunciate, apprise, assert, bring word, broach, cite, comment upon, communicate, confide to, convey information, convey knowledge, declare incidentally, denominate, direct the attention to, disclose, discuss, divulge, enlighten, enumerate, express, give a hint, give notice, give utterance, hint at, impart, indicate, inform, insinuate, intimate, let know, make allusion to, make known, name, note, notify, observe, point out, point to, recite, recount, refer to, remark on, report, reveal, speak of, specify, state, stipulate, suggest, talk about, tell, touch upon, utter, voice IV index adduce, advise, allude, attribution, citation (attribution), cite (state), comment (noun), comment (verb), communicate, convey (communicate), designate, disclose, disclosure (act of disclosing), enumerate, expression (comment), impart, indication, inform (notify), innuendo, intimation, itemize, notice (announcement), notice (observe), notification, notify, observation, observe (remark), refer (direct attention), reference (allusion), reference (citation), referral, relate (tell), remark (noun), remark (verb), report (disclose), reveal, signify (inform), specify, tip (clue)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • mention — [ mɑ̃sjɔ̃ ] n. f. • fin XIIe; lat. mentio 1 ♦ Action de nommer, de citer, de signaler. « Si Josèphe a fait mention de Jésus » (Renan). Il n en est pas fait mention dans cet ouvrage. Événement digne de mention. 2 ♦ Brève note donnant une précision …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • mention — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun ADJECTIVE ▪ brief, passing ▪ special ▪ earliest, first ▪ The earliest mention of the town is in a 16th century manuscript …   Collocations dictionary

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