I verb abuse, afflict, aggrieve, annoy, assail, assault, attack, badger, be hurtful, be malevolent, be offensive, be pitiless, be rude, be violent, bear malice, berate, bother, bruise, bully, burden, cause evil, cause pain, create havoc, debase, desecrate, destroy, disoblige, distress, disturb, do an injustice to, do violence to, do wrong, force, give pain, harass, harm, harrow, harry, heckle, hurt, ill treat, ill use, impair, induce pain, inflict evil, inflict pain, injure, lay waste, lead into trouble, make mischief, malign, maltreat, manhandle, maul, misemploy, misgovern, mishandle, mismanage, misrule, misuse, molest, offend, oppress, overburden, overtask, overtax, overwork, persecute, pervert, plague, pollute, prostitute, provoke, run down, savage, show ill will, spite, strain, strike, torment, torture, trample on, tread on, treat badly, tyrannize, use dispiteously, use hard, use wrongly, vex, victimize, violate, waste, wear out, work evil, worry, wound, wrong II index abuse (misuse), abuse (victimize), exploit (take advantage of), ill use, maltreat, misemploy, persecute

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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