can·cel vt -celed or -celled, -cel·ing, or, -cel·ling
1: to destroy the force, validity, or effectiveness of: as
a: to render (one's will or a provision in one's will) ineffective by purposely making marks through or otherwise marring the text of compare revoke
◇ The text of the will or of the will's provision need not be rendered illegible in order for a court to find that there was an intent to cancel it.
b: to make (a negotiable instrument) unenforceable esp. by purposely marking through or otherwise marring the words or signature of
◇ As stated in section 3-604 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a party that is entitled to enforce a negotiable instrument may cancel the instrument, whether or not for consideration, and discharge the obligation of the other party to pay.
c: to mark (a check) to indicate that payment has been made by the bank
◇ A check is no longer negotiable once it has been cancelled.
d: to withdraw an agreement to honor (a letter of credit)
when an issuer wrongfully cancel s or otherwise repudiates a credit before presentment of a draftUniform Commercial Code
2: to put an end to (a contract): as
a: to end (a contract) by discharging the other party from obligations as yet unperformed
b: to end (a contract) in accordance with the provisions of U.C.C. section 2-106 or a similar statute because the other party has breached compare rescind, terminate
◇ Section 2-106 provides that a party that cancels a contract because of the other party's breach is entitled to seek remedies for breach of all or part of the contract.
c: to put an end to (a lease contract) because of the default of the other party
◇ Under U.C.C. section 2A-505, a party that cancels because of the other party's default may seek remedies for the default of all or any unperformed part of the lease contract.
3: to terminate (an insurance policy) before the end of policy period usu. as allowed by policy provisions
can·cel·able or can·cel·la·ble adj

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb abolish, abort, abrogate, annihilate, annul, avoid, countermand, counterorder, counterpoise, declare invalid, declare null and void, delere, deny, deprive of force, discard, disclaim, discontinue, disestablish, dismiss, dissolve, drop, end, eradicate, excise, expunge, exterminate, extinguish, inducere, invalidate, make void, negate, not proceed with, nullify, obliterate, override, overrule, put an end to, quash, quell, quench, recall, recant, remove, render invalid, render useless, render void, renege, repeal, repudiate, rescind, restrain, retract, reverse, revoke, set aside, suspend, terminate, tollere, vacate, void, withdraw associated concepts: cancel a contract, cancel a debt, cancel an instrument, cancel an order, obsolete, rescission, termination, void II index abate (extinguish), abolish, abrogate (annul), abrogate (rescind), adeem, annul, cease, censor, condemn (ban), countervail, debar, delete, disable, discharge (release from obligation), disclaim, discontinue (abandon), dissolve (terminate), eliminate (eradicate), expunge, expurgate, extinguish, extirpate, forestall, forgive, frustrate, invalidate, kill (defeat), negate, neutralize, nullify, obliterate, override, overrule, quash, recall (call back), recant, refute, remit (release from penalty), remove (eliminate), repeal, repudiate, rescind, revoke, superannuate, suppress, terminate, vacate (void), vitiate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

To annul; to revoke; to announce that something previously planned will not take place.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

To cross out or destroy a document by tearing it up, writing on its face that it is cancelled or void, or otherwise defacing it.
Category: Business, LLCs & Corporations
Category: Personal Finance & Retirement
Category: Real Estate & Rental Property
Category: Wills, Trusts & Estates

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 To blot out, deface, mark off, perforate, destroy, or otherwise physically alter a writing to render it void.
2 To annul, terminate, or revoke a promise or obligation.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

   to cross out, annul, destroy, void and/or rescind a document. Cancelling can be done in several ways: tear up the document or mark on its face that it is cancelled, void, or terminated if the debt for which it stood has been paid. It is important that the document (like a promissory note) itself become no longer operative either by destruction or marking, so that it cannot be used again.

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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