I noun blank, cipher, existenceless, figurehead, inexistence, insignificance, insignificancy, insubstantiality, matter of no consequence, matter of no importance, nihil, no one, nobody, nonbeing, nonexistence, nothing, nothingness, nought, nullity, terrae filius, unsubstantiality, unsubstantialness II index blank (emptiness), nullity

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Nonentity — Non*en ti*ty, n.; pl. {Nonentities}. 1. Nonexistence; the negation of being. [1913 Webster] 2. A thing not existing. South. [1913 Webster] 3. A person or thing of little or no account; an unimportant person; usually used as a disparaging term.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • nonentity — ► NOUN (pl. nonentities) 1) an unimportant person or thing. 2) non existence. ORIGIN Latin nonentitas non existence …   English terms dictionary

  • nonentity — [nänen′tə tē] n. pl. nonentities 1. the state of not existing 2. something that exists only in the mind or imagination 3. a person or thing of little or no importance …   English World dictionary

  • nonentity — UK [nɒˈnentətɪ] / US [nɑnˈentətɪ] noun [countable] Word forms nonentity : singular nonentity plural nonentities someone who is not important or interesting at all Who s going to come and see a nonentity like you? …   English dictionary

  • nonentity — [[t]nɒne̱ntɪti[/t]] nonentities N COUNT (disapproval) If you refer to someone as a nonentity, you mean that they are not special or important in any way. Amidst the current bunch of nonentities, he is a towering figure... She was written off then …   English dictionary

  • nonentity — non|en|ti|ty [nɔˈnentıti US na: ] n plural nonentities someone who has no importance or power and who is not special in any way = ↑nobody ▪ She treated him as a nonentity …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • nonentity — non|en|ti|ty [ nan entəti ] noun count someone who is not important or interesting at all: Carol felt as if she had been treated like a nonentity …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • nonentity — /nɒnˈɛntəti / (say non entuhtee) noun (plural nonentities) 1. a person or thing of no importance: *a middle aged woman, wiping her hands on her dark apron – a good natured nonentity. –lesbia harford, 1924. 2. something which does not exist, or… …  

  • nonentity — nobody / nonentity [n] person of little importance cipher, insignificancy, lightweight*, menial, nix*, nothing, parvenu*, small potato*, squirt*, upstart, wimp*, zero*, zip; concept 423 Ant. somebody …   New thesaurus

  • nonentity — noun Date: circa 1600 1. something that does not exist or exists only in the imagination 2. nonexistence 3. a person or thing of little consequence or significance …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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