I adjective arduous, backbreakmg, bothersome, burdensome, crushing, demanding, difficult, effortful, emasculating, embittering, enervating, exacting, exhausting, fagging, fatiguing, formidable, grinding, grueling, hard, hard to cope with, Herculean, irksome, laborious, onerous, painstaking, plodding, pressing, Sisyphean, straining, strenuous, tiresome, tiring, toilsome, troublesome, trying, uphill, vexatious, weakening, wearing, wearisome, wearying II index difficult, diligent, industrious, oppressive, painstaking

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Operose — Op er*ose a. [L. operosus, fr. opera pains, labor, opus, operis, work, labor.] Wrought with labor; requiring labor; hence, tedious; wearisome. Operose proceeding. Burke. A very operose calculation. De Quincey. {Op er*ose ly}, adv. {Op er*ose… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • operose — involving much labor, 1670s, from L. operosus taking great pains, laborious, from opus (gen. operis) work (see OPUS (Cf. opus)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • operose — [äp′ə rōs΄] adj. [L operosus < opus (gen. operis), work: see OPUS] Archaic 1. done with or requiring much toil 2. very busy; industrious …   English World dictionary

  • operose — adjective Wrought with labor; requiring labor; hence, tedious; wearisome. Power and riches appear then to be, what they are, enormous and operose machines contrived to produce a few trifling convenencies to the body …   Wiktionary

  • Operose Peak — (80°6′S 156°14′E / 80.1°S 156.233°E / 80.1; 156.233) is a peak above Onnum Valley to the southwest of Derrick Peak in the Britannia Range. The steep lower sl …   Wikipedia

  • operose — adjective Etymology: Latin operosus, from oper , opus work more at operate Date: 1662 tedious, wearisome • operosely adverb • operoseness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • operose — operosely, adv. operoseness, n. /op euh rohs /, adj. 1. industrious, as a person. 2. done with or involving much labor. [1660 70; < L operosus busy, active, equiv. to oper (s. of opus) work + osus OSE1] * * * …   Universalium

  • operose — Synonyms and related words: Herculean, abstruse, arduous, assiduous, backbreaking, brutal, burdensome, complex, critical, crushing, delicate, demanding, difficile, difficult, diligent, effortful, elaborate, exacting, forced, formidable, grueling …   Moby Thesaurus

  • operose — É‘pÉ™rəʊs / É’ adj. laborious; achieved by hard work …   English contemporary dictionary

  • operose — a. 1. Laborious, toilsome, hard, onerous, burdensome, difficult. 2. Wearisome, tedious, irksome …   New dictionary of synonyms

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