I noun affray, agitation, attack, blast, blaze, blowout, blowup, bluster, breach of the peace, burst, clamor, commotion, convulsion, detonation, discharge, disgorgement, disquiet, disquietude, disruption, disturbance, ebullition, ejaculation, emission, eruption, explosion, expulsion, fit, flare up, flurry, foment, fomentation, fray, frenzy, furor, fury, fuss, gush, hysteria, hysterical state, hysterics, impetuosity, insurgence, insurrection, irascibility, irascibleness, irruption, jet, mayhem, outbreak, outpour, paroxysm, proruption, rage, rampage, rebellion, restlessness, revolt, revolution, rising, rush, sally, spasm, spurt, stir, strife, sudden excursion, tempest, throe, thunder, torrent, unruliness, upheaval, uproar, vehemence, violence, volcano II index bluster (commotion), furor, outbreak, outflow, riot, spate, strife, violence

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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