I noun accusation, blame, brawl, broken silence, bruit, burst of sound, castigation, censure, charge, chiding, chorus, clamor, clamorousness, complaint, condemnation, convicium, criticism, cry, denunciation, diatribe, din, disapprobation, disapproval, discontent, dislike, dissatisfaction, dissent, disturbance, execration, explosion, fracas, furor, grievance, howl, hullabaloo, invective, lament, loud noise, loud protest, noise, objection, opposition, pandemonium, philippic, plaint, protest, protestation, racket, raised voice, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprobation, revilement, scolding, scream, shout, stricture, tumult, turmoil, upbraiding, uproar, vilification, vituperation, voces, vociferatio, vociferation, wail, weeping, yell II index disparagement, exception (objection), expletive, noise, pandemonium, panic, plaint, protest

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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