partitioned space

partitioned space
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  • Partitioned global address space — In parallel computing of computer science, the partitioned global address space (PGAS) is a parallel programming model. It assumes a global memory address space that is logically partitioned and a portion of it is local to each processor. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Half-space — For other uses, see Half space (disambiguation). In geometry, a half space is either of the two parts into which a plane divides the three dimensional euclidean space. More generally, a half space is either of the two parts into which a… …   Wikipedia

  • Binary space partitioning — (BSP) is a method for recursively subdividing a space into convex sets by hyperplanes. This subdivision gives rise to a representation of the scene by means of a tree data structure known as a BSP tree.In simpler words, it is a method of breaking …   Wikipedia

  • Mews (falconry) — In falconry, a mews is a birdhouse designed to house one or more birds of prey. In falconry there are several mews designs, the freeloft and a traditional mews. Traditional mews usually consist of partitioned spaces designed to keep tethered… …   Wikipedia

  • cubicle — noun Etymology: Latin cubiculum, from cubare to lie, recline Date: 15th century 1. a sleeping compartment partitioned off from a large room 2. a. a small partitioned space; especially one with a desk used for work in a business office b. carrel …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Red Storm (computing) — Red Storm is a supercomputer architecture designed for the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration Advanced Simulation and Computing Program. Cray, Inc developed it based on the contracted architectural specifications… …   Wikipedia

  • Oscar G. Mason — Bellevue Venus Oscar G. Mason s portrait of a woman with elephantiasis, published in Fox. Oscar G. Mason (1830 March 16, 1921), better known as O. G. Mason, was an American photographer and radiographer. For most of his professional life, O. G.… …   Wikipedia

  • dinette — ☆ dinette [dī net′ ] n. [see DINE & ETTE] 1. an alcove or small, partitioned space used as a dining room 2. a set of table and chairs for such a space …   English World dictionary

  • carrel — noun A partially partitioned space for studying or reading, often in a library. He was busy writing his report in a small library carrel …   Wiktionary

  • chamber — cham·ber n 1: a judge s office; specif: the private office where a judge carries on business other than court sessions (as conferences or signing papers) usu. used in pl. four other judges met in my chambers R. H. Bork a hearing in chambers 2 a:… …   Law dictionary

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