I verb abuse, canker, contaminate, corrumpere, corrupt, debauch, degenerate, demoralize, depravare, deprave, divert, falsify, infect, lead astray, lower, make corrupt, misapply, mislead, misrepresent, misuse, poison, pollute, prostitute, render evil, ruin, soil, sophisticate, spoil, stain, subvert, taint, tamper with, teach wickedness, vitiate, warp foreign phrases:
- Quae ad unum finem loquuta sunt, non debent ad allum detorqueri. — Those words which are spoken to one end ought not to be perverted to another
II index abuse (misuse), adulterate, bear false witness, brutalize, camouflage, contort, corrupt, damage, debase, debauch, degenerate, denature, deteriorate, distort, falsify, harm, infect, invent (falsify), lie (falsify), misconceive, misconstrue, misemploy, misguide, mislead, mismanage, misread, misrepresent, misstate, mistreat, misunderstand, palter, pollute, prevaricate, slant, subvert, taint (corrupt), vitiate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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