pil·fer /'pil-fər/ vi: to steal esp. in small amounts and often again and again
accused of pilfer ing from passenger luggage
vt: to steal or steal from esp. in small quantities
found pilfer ing goods from a store he was guarding
pil·fer·age /'pil-fə-rij/ n

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb abscond with, appropriate illegally, bilk, commit larceny, convert, deprive illegally, embezzle, filch, furari, loot, make off with, misappropriate, pillage, poach, purloin, rob, seize, steal, surripere, take, thieve II index despoil, embezzle, hold up (rob), jostle (pickpocket), loot, peculate, poach, purloin, rob, steal

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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