I adjective at peace, balmy, calm, calmative, collected, composed, cool, easeful, easygoing, equable, even, gentle, halcyon, halcyonian, imperturable, irenic, irenical, meek, mild, motionless, pacific, paradisiacal, pastoral, patient, peaceable, peaceful, placidus, quiescent, quiet, quietus, reposeful, restful, serene, smooth, soothing, still, stormless, subdued, tame, tranquil, tranquillus, unagitated, undemonstrative, undisturbed, unexcited, unimpassioned, unmoved, unruffled, unstirring, untroubled II index complacent, patient, peaceable, stoical

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • placid — PLACÍD, Ă, placizi, de, adj. Calm, potolit, liniştit, blajin; exagerat de calm, indiferent, flegmatic, pasiv. – Din fr. placide. Trimis de RACAI, 21.10.2003. Sursa: DEX 98  PLACÍD adj. 1. v. indiferent. 2. v. calm. 3. v. monoton …   Dicționar Român

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  • Placid — Plac id, a. [L. placidus, originally, pleasing, mild, from placere to please: cf. F. placide. See {Please}.] Pleased; contented; unruffied; undisturbed; serene; peaceful; tranquil; quiet; gentle. That placid aspect and meek regard. Milton.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • placid — (adj.) 1620s, from Fr. placide, from L. placidus pleasing, gentle, from placere to please (see PLEASE (Cf. please)). Related: Placidity; placidly …   Etymology dictionary

  • placid — *calm, tranquil, serene, peaceful, halcyon Analogous words: imperturbable, nonchalant, *cool, collected, composed: gentle, mild, lenient, smooth (see SOFT): *steady, equable, even, constant Antonyms: choleric (of persons): ruffled (of things) …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • placid — [adj] calm, mild collected, composed, cool*, cool as a cucumber*, detached, easygoing, equable, even, even tempered, gentle, halcyon, hushed, imperturbable, irenic, peaceful, poised, quiet, restful, self possessed, serene, still, tranquil;… …   New thesaurus

  • placid — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ not easily upset or excited; calm. DERIVATIVES placidity noun placidly adverb. ORIGIN Latin placidus, from placere to please …   English terms dictionary

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  • placid — [plas′id] adj. [L placidus, akin to placere, to PLEASE] undisturbed; tranquil; calm; quiet SYN. CALM placidity [plə sid′ə tē] n. placidness placidly adv …   English World dictionary

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