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  • Political Affairs Magazine — is a monthly, Marxist publication. It aims to provide an analysis of events from a working class point of view. Political Affairs Magazine is a publication of the Communist Party USA. It was founded in 1944 upon the closure of its predecessor,… …   Wikipedia

  • Political Affairs Committee — The African Union s Economic, Social and Cultural Council s Political Affairs Committee concern themselves with:* Human rights* Rule of law* Democratic constitutional rule* Good governance* Power sharing* Electoral institutions* Humanitarian… …   Wikipedia

  • United Nations Department of Political Affairs — Department of Political Affairs …   Wikipedia

  • Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs — The Under Secretary for Political Affairs is the third ranking position in the United States Department of State, after the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary. The Under Secretary serves as the day to day manager of overall regional and bilateral …   Wikipedia

  • Mongol Local Autonomy Political Affairs Committee — The Mongol Local Autonomy Political Affairs Committee (蒙古地方自治政務委員會), also referred to as the Pailingmiao Council or Peilingmiao Council, was a political body of ethnic Mongols in the Republic of China. The Nanjing government authorised its… …   Wikipedia

  • Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee — The Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (also known as CJPAC, CIJA PAC, and CJA PAC) is a Canadian political organization.The Executive Director of CJPAC is Josh Cooper, former federal Canadian Alliance and Conservative candidate in… …   Wikipedia

  • Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs (San Marino) — The current Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs of San Marino is Fiorenzo Stolfi. [cite web |url=http://www.esteri.sm/on line/en/Home/OrganizationoftheSecretariatofState.html |title=Organization of the Secretariat of State… …   Wikipedia

  • Power Play (Canadian political affairs series) — Power Play Format Public Affairs, news Presented by Don Martin Country of origin Canada No. of episodes ? …   Wikipedia

  • Political fiction — is a subgenre of fiction that deals with political affairs. Political fiction has often used narrative to provide commentary on political events, systems and theories. Works of political fiction often directly criticize an existing society or...… …   Wikipedia

  • Political efficacy — is a theoretical concept used to explain political behaviour in Political Science. It indicates a citizens faith and trust in government and their own belief that they can understand and influence political affairs. It is commonly measured by… …   Wikipedia

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