I verb act, adumbrate, characterize, convey a verbal image, convey an impression, delineate, depict, depicture, depingere, describe, detail, draw, express, give words to, illustrate, limn, outline, paint, particularize, picture, present, recreate, report, represent, represent in words, reproduce, set forth, show, sketch, specify, stage, tell vividly II index characterize, copy, delineate, denote, depict, describe, detail (particularize), draw (depict), exemplify, impersonate, mock (imitate), pose (impersonate), pretend, recite, recount, relate (tell), render (depict), reproduce, signify (denote)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Portray — Por*tray , v. t. [Written also {pourtray}.] [imp. & p. p. {portrayed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Portraying}.] [OE. pourtraien, OF. portraire, pourtraire, F. portraire, fr. L. protrahere, protractum, to draw or drag forth; pro forward, forth + trahere to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • portray — c.1300, from Anglo Fr. purtraire, O.Fr. portraire to draw, to paint, portray (12c.), lit. trace, draw forth, from por forth (from L. pro ) + traire trace, draw, from L. trahere to drag, draw (see TRACT (Cf. tract) (1)) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • portray — [v] represent, imitate act like, characterize, copy, delineate, depict, describe, draw, duplicate, figure, illustrate, image, impersonate, interpret, limn, mimic, paint, parody, photograph, picture, render, reproduce, simulate, sketch; concepts… …   New thesaurus

  • portray — ► VERB 1) depict in a work of art or literature. 2) describe in a particular way. 3) (of an actor) play the part of. DERIVATIVES portrayal noun portrayer noun. ORIGIN Old French portraire, from traire to draw …   English terms dictionary

  • portray — [pôr trā′] vt. [ME purtreien < MFr portraire < L protrahere, to draw forth < pro , forth + trahere, to DRAW] 1. to make a picture or portrait of; depict; delineate 2. to make a word picture of; describe 3. to play the part of as in a… …   English World dictionary

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