I adjective abrogated, adynamic, asthenic, canceled, crippled, debilitated, decrepit, defenseless, deposed, disabled, disqualified, drooping, droopy, effete, emasculated, exhausted, faint, faintish, feeble, figurehead, flaccid, forceless, fragile, frail, futile, harmless, helpless, impotens, impotent, impuissant, inactive, inadequate, inapt, incapable, incapacitated, incompetent, indefensible, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, inept, infirm, infirmus, inoperative, invalidus, languid, languishing, listless, lustless, marrowless, mightless, nerveless, nugatory, null and void, palsied, paralytic, paralyzed, pithless, pregnable, sapless, sickly, sinewless, spent, spineless, strengthless, submissive, superannuated, torpid, unable, unapt, unarmed, unavailing, unempowered, unendowed, unequipped, unfit, unfortified, uninfluential, unnerved, unqualified, unsteady, unstrengthened, unstrung, unsupported, useless, vigorless, vincible, weak, weaponless, without authority, without force, without vitality, yielding II index harmless, inactive, inadequate, ineffective, ineffectual, inept (incompetent), insipid, insubstantial, languid, nonsubstantial (not sturdy), null (insignificant), null (invalid), otiose, unable, untenable

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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