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(as hay, corn, etc., for brutes), ,

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  • Provender — Prov en*der, n. [OE. provende, F. provende, provisions, provender, fr. LL. praebenda (prae and pro being confused), a daily allowance of provisions, a prebend. See {Prebend}.] 1. Dry food for domestic animals, as hay, straw, corn, oats, or a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • provender — (n.) c.1300, allowance paid each chapter member of a cathedral, from Anglo Fr. provendir, O.Fr. provendier, from Gallo Romance *provenda, altered (by influence of L. providere supply ) from L.L. praebenda allowance, subsistence, from L. praebenda …   Etymology dictionary

  • provender — *food, fodder, forage, feed, victuals, viands, provisions, comestibles …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • provender — ► NOUN 1) animal fodder. 2) archaic or humorous food. ORIGIN Old French provendre, from Latin praebenda things to be supplied …   English terms dictionary

  • provender — [präv′ən dər] n. [ME < MFr provendre, var. of provende < ML(Ec) praebenda: see PREBEND] 1. dry food for livestock, as hay, corn, oats, etc.; fodder 2. Informal provisions; food …   English World dictionary

  • provender — /ˈprɒvəndə / (say provuhnduh) noun 1. dry food for livestock, as hay; fodder. 2. food or provisions: * Fowl or pig? he shouted, and rattled the knife, and piled the provender on their plates, and told them to back in their carts when they wanted… …  

  • provender — /prov euhn deuhr/, n. 1. dry food, as hay or oats, for livestock or other domestic animals; fodder. 2. food; provisions. [1275 1325; ME provendre < OF, var. of provende prebend, provender < ML probenda, alter. of praebenda PREBEND, perh. by assoc …   Universalium

  • provender — prov•en•der [[t]ˈprɒv ən dər[/t]] n. 1) ahb. dry food for livestock; fodder 2) food; provisions • Etymology: 1275–1325; ME provendre < OF, var. of provende prebend, provender < ML prōbenda, alter. of praebenda prebend, perh. by assoc. with… …   From formal English to slang

  • provender — noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French provende, provendre, from Medieval Latin provenda, alteration of praebenda prebend Date: 14th century 1. dry food for domestic animals ; feed 2. food, victuals …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • provender — noun /ˈprɒvɪndə,ˈprɒvəndə,ˈprɑːvəndɚ/ a) Food, especially for livestock. b) An edible material that provides sustenance …   Wiktionary

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