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  • self-regulation — self regulatory ˌself ˈregulatory adjective also ˌself ˈregulating, ˌself poˈlicing a self regulatory organization or industry sets its own standards and makes sure that its members obey the law, rather than being controlled by an independent… …   Financial and business terms

  • self-regulation — /self regjυ leɪʃ(ə)n/ noun the regulation of an industry by itself, through a committee which issues a rulebook and makes sure that members of the industry follow the rules (NOTE: For example, the Stock Exchange is regulated by the Stock Exchange …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • self regulation — UK US noun [U] HR ► a situation in which an industry, profession, etc. checks that its members act according to particular rules, rather than having this done by another organization: »NAB has long believed that responsible industry self… …   Financial and business terms

  • self-regulation — self regulating ► ADJECTIVE ▪ regulating itself without intervention from external bodies. DERIVATIVES self regulation noun self regulatory adjective …   English terms dictionary

  • Self-regulation — The term self regulation can signify:*Homeostasis, in systems theory *Self control, in sociology / psychology *Self regulated learning, in educational psychology *Self Regulation Theory (SRT), a system of conscious personal health management… …   Wikipedia

  • self-regulation — /ˌsɛlf rɛgjəˈleɪʃən/ (say .self regyuh layshuhn) noun 1. the agreed regulation of commercial practices in an industry or profession by its constituent members through a relevant trade or professional association: *self regulation of the industry… …  

  • self-regulation — N UNCOUNT Self regulation is the controlling of a process or activity by the people or organizations that are involved in it rather than by an outside organization such as the government. Competition between companies is too fierce for self… …   English dictionary

  • self-regulation — susireguliavimas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. self regulation vok. automatische Steuerung, f; selbsttätige Steuerung, f; Selbtregulierung, f rus. саморегулирование, n pranc. auto régulation, f …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • self-regulation — | ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ noun : regulation of or by oneself or itself : control or supervision from within self regulation of business …   Useful english dictionary

  • self-regulation — reguliavimasis statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. self regulation vok. Selbstregelung, f rus. авторегулировка, f; саморегулирование, n pranc. autoréglage, m; autorégulation, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

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