I noun agitation, altercation, animosity, battle, belligerency, broil, certamen, certatio, clash, combat, competition, conflict, contention, contest, contestation, contrariety, controversy, counteraction, disaccord, disaggreement, discord, disputation, dispute, disquiet, dissension, dissent, dissidence, encounter, engagement, eruption, faction, factionalism, fight, fighting, fray, friction, imbroglio, incompatibility, match, opposition, outbreak, outburst, polemics, quarrel, race, rift, rivalry, row, squabble, struggle, trouble, unrest, upheaval, variance, violence, war, warfare, wrangle II index altercation, argument (contention), belligerency, competition, contention (opposition), contest (dispute), controversy (argument), disaccord, disagreement, discord, dispute, dissension, dissidence, embroilment, feud, fight (argument), fray, labor (exertion), outbreak, outburst, resistance, revolt, variance (disagreement), work (effort)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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