I adjective absolute, categorical, certain, clear, clear-cut, decided, defined, definite, downright, evident, explicit, forthright, inappealable, incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, irrefragable, irrefutable, outright, peremptory, plain, positive, straightforward, sure, unambiguous, unanswerable, unchallenged, undeniable, undisputed, unmistakable, unqualified, unquestionable, utter II index absolute (conclusive), axiomatic, categorical, certain (positive), clear (apparent), clear (certain), cogent, cognizable, coherent (clear), conclusive (determinative), constant, credible, decisive, definite, demonstrable, distinct (clear), dogmatic, evident, explicit, express, incontestable, incontrovertible, indubious, irrefutable, lucid, official, outright, palpable, peremptory (absolute), positive (incontestable), precise, reliable, unambiguous, unmistakable, unrefutable, vehement

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Unequivocal — Un e*quiv o*cal, a. Not equivocal; not doubtful; not ambiguous; evident; sincere; plain; as, unequivocal evidence; unequivocal words. {Un e*quiv o*cal*ly}, adv. {Un e*quiv o*cal*ness}, n. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • unequivocal — 1784, from UN (Cf. un ) (1) not + EQUIVOCAL (Cf. equivocal) …   Etymology dictionary

  • unequivocal — [adj] definite, positive absolute, apparent, categorical, certain, clear, clear cut, decided, decisive, direct, distinct, downright, evident, explicit, flat out*, incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, manifest, no catch*, no …   New thesaurus

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  • unequivocal — [[t]ʌ̱nɪkwɪ̱vək(ə)l[/t]] ADJ GRADED If you describe someone s attitude as unequivocal, you mean that it is completely clear and very firm. [FORMAL] ...Richardson s unequivocal commitment to fair play... Yesterday, the message to him was… …   English dictionary

  • unequivocal — adjective /ˌʌn.ɪˈkwɪv.ə.kl/ a) Unambiguous; without equivocation or ambiguity; singularly clear, unmistakable, or unquestionable I want you to give me an unequivocal guarantee on that. b) Without …   Wiktionary

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