I adjective disagreeable, disgusting, disliked, distasteful, intolerable, loathsome, mawkish, nasty, nauseating, nauseous, objectionable, obnoxious, offensive, repelling, repugnant, revolting, sickening, unalluring, unappetizing, unattractive, undelectable, undesirable, uninviting, unpalatable, unpleasant, unpleasing II index bitter (acrid tasting), disreputable, insipid, loathsome, objectionable, offensive (offending), repugnant (exciting aversion), repulsive, unendurable

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • unsavory — (adj.) early 13c., tasteless, insipid, from UN (Cf. un ) (1) not + SAVORY (Cf. savory) (adj.). Meaning unpleasant or disagreeable to the taste is attested from late 14c.; of persons, from c.1400 …   Etymology dictionary

  • unsavory — [adj] revolting, sickening acid, bitter, bland, disagreeable, distasteful, dull, flavorless, gross*, icky*, insipid, lousy, nasty, nauseating, no good*, objectionable, obnoxious, offensive, rancid, rank, raunchy*, repellent, repugnant, repulsive …   New thesaurus

  • unsavory — [unsā′vər ē] adj. 1. Obs. without flavor; tasteless 2. unpleasant to taste or smell 3. unpleasant or offensive, esp. so as to seem immoral unsavorily adv. unsavoriness n …   English World dictionary

  • unsavory — unsavorily, adv. unsavoriness, n. /un say veuh ree/, adj. 1. not savory; tasteless or insipid: an unsavory meal. 2. unpleasant in taste or smell; distasteful. 3. unappealing or disagreeable, as a pursuit: Poor teachers can make education unsavory …   Universalium

  • unsavory — adjective Date: 13th century 1. insipid, tasteless 2. a. unpleasant to taste or smell b. disagreeable, distasteful < an unsavory assignment >; especially morally offensive < unsavory business practices > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • unsavory — un|sa|vor|y [ ʌn seıv(ə)ri ] adjective 1. ) involving things that you do not want to think or talk about, for example crime or sex: an unsavory character/reputation/business 2. ) food that is unsavory smells and looks bad …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • unsavory — adjective 1) unsavory portions of food Syn: unpalatable, unappetizing, distasteful, disagreeable, unappealing, repugnant, off putting, unattractive; inedible, uneatable, disgusting, revolting, nauseating, sickening, foul, raunchy …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • unsavory — un•sa•vor•y [[t]ʌnˈseɪ və ri[/t]] adj. 1) not savory; tasteless or insipid: an unsavory meal[/ex] 2) unpleasant in taste or smell; distasteful 3) unappealing or disagreeable, as a pursuit or task 4) socially or morally objectionable or offensive …   From formal English to slang

  • unsavory — adjective 1. not pleasing in odor or taste • Syn: ↑distasteful, ↑unsavoury • Similar to: ↑unpalatable • Derivationally related forms: ↑unsavoriness, ↑distastefulness ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • unsavory — adjective /ʌnˈseɪv.ə(ɹ)i/ a) Not savory; without flavor. His unsavory reputation as a mobster came back to haunt him when he ran for mayor of New York. b) Of bad taste; distasteful …   Wiktionary

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