up·hold vt -held, -hold·ing: to judge valid: let stand
uphold an award; specif: to hold constitutional
uphold the practice of having religious invocations and benedictions at high school graduation ceremoniesSands v. Morongo Unified Sch. Dist., 809 P.2d 809 (1991)(dissent)
uphold a statute

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb accept, acknowledge, advocate, affirm, agree with, aid, approve, assert, assist, authenticate, back, back up, bear up, bolster, brace, buttress, carry, champion, confirm, corroborate, countenance, decide in favor of, defend, elevate, encourage, endorse, espouse, favor, guard, help, hold up, justify, keep, maintain, perpetuate, preserve, prop, protect, raise, sanction, second, speak for, stand by, stand up for, stay, substantiate, support, sustain, sustentare, sustinere, upraise, vindicate, warrant associated concepts: uphold a decision, uphold the law II index adhere (maintain loyalty), advocate, aid, approve, bear (support), bolster, certify (approve), concur (agree), confirm, continue (prolong), corroborate, defend, demonstrate (establish), document, espouse, establish (show), indorse, justify, maintain (sustain), pass (approve), preserve, promote (organize), prove, reassure, recommend, sanction, side, sponsor, subsidize, substantiate, support (assist), sustain (confirm), sustain (prolong), underwrite, vouch, witness (attest to)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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