mar·ket n
1: the rate or price at which a security or commodity is currently selling: market price
2 a: a geographical area of demand for commodities or services
seeking new foreign market s
b: a formal organized system enabling the transaction of business between buyers and sellers of commodities
a futures market see also stock market
c: a specified category of potential buyers
the youth market
3 a: the course of commercial activity by which the exchange of commodities is accomplished
the market is quiet
b: an opportunity for selling
developing new market s
c: the available supply of or potential demand for specified goods or services
the labor market
the market for durable goods
d: the area of economic activity in which buyers and sellers come together and the forces of supply and demand affect prices
studying market forces and behavior

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (business) noun agora, bazaar, bourse, concern, department store, emporium, establishment, exchange, fair, financial center, general store, house, macellum, mart, mercatus, nundinae, open mart, place of business, place of buying and selling, place of commerce, place of trade, place of traffic, retail store, rialto, shop, shopping center, store, trade fair, trading house, trading post, variety store associated concepts: actual market value, fair market price, market conditions, market place, market price, market value II (demand) noun call, call for, consumer demand, desire, desire to buy, desire to obtain, earnest seeking, essentiality, heavy demand, indispensability, inquiry, insufficiency, interest, lack, mania, necessity, need, outlet, pressing requirement, pursuit, request, requirement, requisition, run, search, steady demand, strong demand, vogue, want, willingness to purchase, wish III index barter, deal, exchange, handle (trade), mercantile, outlet, sell, store (business), vend

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

Under UK and EU law, businesses who are in a dominant position in a particular market must be careful to avoid accusations that they are abusing that dominant position. "Dominant" under EU law (Article 86 of the Treaty of Rome) means being able to act without having to consider competitors and customers. Under UK laws such consideration may apply where more than 25% of a market is controlled and group turnover is over ₤5 million. Market is a complex subject and defining what the market is in any particular case depends on issues such as consumer choice, product use and other considerations. "Abuse" (abuse)is non-exhaustively defined under EU law to cover unfair terms, limitations, discriminatory terms, tie-ins and refusals to supply. Similar practices are likely to fall foul of UK law.

Easyform Glossary of Law Terms. — UK law terms.

(1) A place where goods and services are bought and sold.
(2) The demand for a particular good or service; the state of commerce in general.
(3) The actions of supply and demand on commerce; the free market.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

Business jargon used in connection with a financing transaction to refer to business and legal terms that are customarily accepted by the major financial institutions in the marketplace at the current point in time. For example, following the credit crisis of 2007, reverse termination fees are "market" for acquisition transactions but PIK toggle loan features are no longer "market."

Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of UK, US and international legal terms. . 2010.

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