Conciliation committee

Conciliation committee
Conciliation committee (Third reading): Co-decision procedure (now ordinary legislative procedure)
European Union
Under the co-decision procedure (now named ordinary legislative procedure) between the Council of the European Union and European Parliament (EP), a Conciliation Committee may be set up. It comprises members of the Council or their representatives and an equal number of representatives of EP and is co-chaired by the President of the EP and the President of the Council.
Any disagreement between the two institutions following the second reading of a proposal is referred to the Committee. The aim is to reach agreement on a text acceptable to both parties. The Commission also plays a part in the Conciliation Committee to help the EP and the Council to resolve their differences.
The draft of any joint text must then be adopted within six weeks (extendable by two weeks) by an absolute majority of the votes cast in EP and by a qualified majority in the Council. Should one of the two institutions reject the proposal, it is deemed not to have been adopted.
For more information, see PLC EU, EU Toolkit: EU legislative procedures.

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