I noun admonishment, admonition, animadversion, blame, castigation, censure, chiding, condemnation, correction, criticism, denunciation, derogation, disapprobation, disapproval, displeasure, dispraise, dressing down, exception, exprobration, improbation, increpation, jobation, lecture, objection, objurgation, rating, rebuke, remonstrance, reprehensio, reprehension, reproach, reprobation, reproof, reproval, revilement, scolding, sermon, sharp censure, sharp words, stricture, trimming, upbraiding, vituperatio, warning associated concepts: reprimand issued by the grievance committee of the bar association II verb accuse, admonish, animadvert on, asperse, berate, blame, call to account, call to task, castigate, censure formally, chastise, chide, condemn, correct, criminate, decry, denounce, deprecate, disapprove, discommend, disparage, dispraise, dress down, execrate, exprobrate, find fault, flay, fulminate against, impeach, impugn, inveigh against, lash, lecture, objurgate, rail at, rant, rebuke, recriminate, remonstrate, reprehend, reprehendere, reproach, reprobate, reprove, revile, run down, scold, thunder against, trounce, upbraid, vilify, vilipend, vituperare, vituperate, warn associated concepts: reprimand by the grievance committee III index admonish (warn), admonition, bad repute, blame, castigate, censure, complain (criticize), condemn (punish), condemnation (blame), criticism, criticize (find fault with), denounce (condemn), denunciation, diatribe, disapprobation, disapprove (condemn), discipline (punishment), disparagement, fault, impeach, impeachment, lash (attack verbally), objurgation, outcry, penalize, punish, punishment, rebuff, rebuke, remonstrance, reprehend, reproach (noun), reproach (verb)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

An official rebuke; formal censure of a person administered by his or her superior or by an organization.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

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