grant 1 vt
1: to permit as a right or privilege
grant a new trial
the Supreme Court grant ed certiorari
2: to bestow or transfer formally; specif: to transfer the possession or title of by a deed: convey
grant 2 n
1: the act of granting
2: something granted; esp: a gift (as of land or money) for a particular purpose
3 a: a transfer of property by deed or writing
b: the instrument by which such a transfer is made; also: the property so transferred

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun acknowledgment, allotment, allowance, appanage, award, benefaction, benefit, bequeathal, bequest, bestowal, boon, bounty, concession, devise, dispensation, donation, donum, douceur, endowment, favor, gift, gratuity, handsel, indulgence, lagniappe, largess, largesse, legacy, legal cession, libation, oblation, present, reward, subscription, subsidy, subvention associated concepts: express grant, grant and convey, grant by implication, grant of power, legislative grant, license, private land grant, public grant foreign phrases:
- Resoluto jure concedentis resolvitur jus concessum. — When the right of the grantor is extinguished the right granted is extinguished
- Ubi aliquid conceditur, conceditur et id sine quo res ipsa esse non potest. — When anything is granted, that also is granted without which it could not exist
- Quando aliquis aliquid concedit, concedere videtur et id sine quo res uti non potest. — When anyone grants anything, he is deemed to grant also that without which the thing cannot be used.
- Quod sub certa forma concessum vel reservatum est non trahitur ad valorem vel compensationem. — That which is granted or reserved under a certain form cannot be twisted into a valuation or compensation
- Qui concedit allquid concedit omne id sine quo concessio est irrita. — He who grants anything is considered to grant everything without which the grant is worthless
- A gratia. — By grace, not by right
- Cuicunque aliquis quid concedit concedere videtur et id, sine quo res ipsa esse non potuit. — Whoever grants a thing is presumed also to grant that without which the grant of the thing itself would be of no use
- Quaelibet concessio fortissime contra donatorem interpretanda est. — Every grant is to be interpreted most strictly against the grantor
- Concessio versus concedentem latam interpretationem habere debet. — A grant ought to have a liberal interpretation against the grantor
- Nul charter, nul vente, ne nul done vault perpetualment, si le donor n'est seise al temps de contracts de deux droits, sc. del droit de possession et del droit de propertie. — No grant, no sale, no gift, is valid forever, unless the donor, at the time of the contract, has two rights, namely, the right of possession and the right of property.
II (concede) verb accede, accept, accord, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, agree, allow, approve, assent, authorize, be persuaded, cede, concedere, concur, confer a privilege, consent, dare, empower, enable, express concurrence, favor, give, give authority, give clearance, give consent, give leave, give permission, gratify, have no objection, indulge, let, license, permit, permittere, privilege, recognize, sanction, support, vouchsafe, warrant, yield, yield assent associated concepts: grant a franchise, grant a mistrial, grant a motion, grant a right of way, grant a right to a jury trial, grant an adjournment, grant an easement, grant an injunction, grant or allowance, granting clause foreign phrases:
- Cui jus est donandi, eidem et vendendi et concedendi jus est. — One who has a right to give has also a right to sell and to grant
III (transfer formally) verb assign, award, bequeath, bestow, bestow voluntarily, cede, change ownership, concedere, confer, confer formally, confer ownership, consign, convey, convey by deed, deed, deliver, demise, devise, devolve upon, give, give away, give over to, impart, make a present, make conveyance of, make over, pass, pass over, permittere, present, put in possession, sign over, transfer, transfer by writing, transfer ownership, transmit associated concepts: grant a license, grant a privilege, grant a right of way, grant of easement, grant by implication, grant by necessity, grant in gross, grant in praesenti, land grant, proprietary grant foreign phrases:
- Quaelibet concessio fortissime contra donatorem interpretanda est. — Every grant is to be interpreted most strictly against the grantor.
IV index abalienate, accede (concede), acquiescence, admit (concede), alimony, allocate, allow (authorize), appropriation (donation), assign (transfer ownership), assignment (transfer of ownership), attorn, authorize, award, bear (yield), bequeath, bestow, bounty, brevet, cede, cession, charge (empower), charity, charter (license), charter (sanction), concede, concession (authorization), concession (compromise), condescend (deign), confer (give), consent (noun), consent (verb), contribute (supply), contribution (donation), convey (transfer), copyright, deign, descend, devise (give), devolve, dispensation (exception), dispense, dole, donation, empower, enable, endow, endowment, endue, enfranchise, franchise (license), fund, furnish, gift (present), gratuity (present), indulgence, largess (gift), lease, leave (permission), leave (give), legacy, lend, let (lease), let (permit), liberty, license, loan, option (contractual provision), parcel, patent, patronize (condescend toward), pay, pension, permit, prerogative, present (make a gift), privilege, provide (supply), recognize (acknowledge), remise, reveal, reward, sanction (permission), sanction, subsidy, suffer (permit), supply, tender, transfer, vouchsafe, yield (submit)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

To give; to bestow something on someone; to agree (to a request).
(1) A legal conveyance of property.
(2) A sum of money given by the government or an organization for a particular purpose.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

the creation of an interest in property and its vesting in a person (the grantee). In modern conditions, the word 'grant' denotes the creation of an inferior interest out of an interest retained by the grantor, e.g. the grant of a lease of land by the person holding the freehold.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

To give, sell, or otherwise transfer something to someone. (See also: grant deed)
Category: Real Estate & Rental Property
Category: Wills, Trusts & Estates

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 n. A transaction in which a grantor transfers a subset of his or her own rights in property; the rights so transferred.
2 v. To transfer rights in real or personal property; in litigation, accession by the court to a party's request made by motion or pleading.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

To confer, give, or bestow. A gift of legal rights or privileges, or a recognition of asserted rights, as in treaty.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

To confer, give, or bestow. A gift of legal rights or privileges, or a recognition of asserted rights, as in treaty.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

   to transfer real property from a title holder (grantor) or holders to another (grantee) with or without payment. However, there is an important difference between the types of deeds used. A grant deed warrants (guarantees) that the grantor (seller) has full right and title to the property, while a quitclaim deed only grants whatever the grantor owns (which may be nothing) and guarantees nothing.

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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