based on conjecture

based on conjecture
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  • Conjecture — For text reconstruction, see Conjecture (textual criticism). A conjecture is a proposition that is unproven but is thought to be true and has not been disproven. Karl Popper pioneered the use of the term conjecture in scientific philosophy.… …   Wikipedia

  • Poincaré conjecture — In mathematics, the Poincaré conjecture (French, pronounced|pwɛ̃kaʀe) [cite encyclopedia | encyclopedia=The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language | title=Poincaré, Jules Henri | url= |… …   Wikipedia

  • Collatz conjecture — Directed graph showing the orbits of small numbers under the Collatz map. The Collatz conjecture is equivalent to the statement that all paths eventually lead to 1 …   Wikipedia

  • Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture — Millennium Prize Problems P versus NP problem Hodge conjecture Poincaré conjecture Riemann hypo …   Wikipedia

  • Twin prime conjecture — The twin prime conjecture is a famous unsolved problem in number theory that involves prime numbers. It states:: There are infinitely many primes p such that p + 2 is also prime. Such a pair of prime numbers is called a prime twin. The conjecture …   Wikipedia

  • Cramér's conjecture — In number theory, Cramér s conjecture, formulated by the Swedish mathematician Harald Cramér in 1936,[1] states that where pn denotes the nth prime number, O is big O notation, and log is the natural logarithm. Intuitively, this means the gaps… …   Wikipedia

  • Mertens conjecture — In mathematics, the Mertens conjecture is the incorrect statement that the Mertens function M(n) is bounded by √n, which implies the Riemann hypothesis. It was conjectured by Stieltjes in a 1885 letter to Hermite (reprinted in Stieltjes 1905) and …   Wikipedia

  • Lovász conjecture — In graph theory, the Lovász conjecture (1970) is a classical problem on Hamiltonian paths in graphs. It says:: Every finite connected vertex transitive graph contains a Hamiltonian path .The original article of Lovász stated the result in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Unique games conjecture — The Unique Games Conjecture (UGC) is a conjecture in computational complexity theory made by Subhash Khot in 2002.A unique game is a special case of a two prover, one round (2P1R) game. A two player, one round game has two players (also known as… …   Wikipedia

  • Calogero conjecture — The Calogero conjectureGaeta, Giuseppe. (2000). On the cosmological implications of the Calogero conjecture Retrieved on 26 August, 2007 from [,431116,1,0.25,Download/… …   Wikipedia

  • Takeuti conjecture — Takeuti s conjecture is the conjecture of Gaisi Takeuti that a sequent formalisation of second order logic has cut elimination (Takeuti 1953). It was settled positively: * By Tait, using a semantic technique for proving cut elimination, based on… …   Wikipedia

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