based on evidence

based on evidence
index deductible (provable)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Evidence-based medicine — (EBM) aims to apply evidence gained from the scientific method to certain parts of medical practice. It seeks to assess the quality of evidencecite journal |author=Elstein AS |title=On the origins and development of evidence based medicine and… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-Based Nursing — or EBN is a method of identifying solid research findings and implementing them in nursing practices to further increase the quality of patient care. Overview Evidenced based nursing/evidence based practice (EBN/EBP) is a nursing process that… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-based legislation — (EBL) calls for the use of the best available scientific evidence and systematically collected data, when available, by legislatures as a basis for their formulation and writing of law. Drawn from the definition of evidence based medicine which… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence based healthcare — Evidence based medicine is an approach to medical practice in which decisions are based on best current evidence related to the unique clinical condition of an individual patient and taking their values into account. The term evidence based… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-based practice — The term evidence based practice (EBP) refers to preferential use of mental and behavioral health interventions for which systematic empirical research has provided evidence of statistically significant effectiveness as treatments for specific… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-based management — (EBMgt) is an emerging movement to explicitly use the current, best evidence in management decision making. Its roots are in evidence based medicine, a quality movement to apply the scientific method to medical practice. Evidence based management …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-based design — is a process used by architects, interior designers, facility managers, and others in the planning, design, and construction of commercial buildings. An evidence based designer, together with an informed client, makes decisions based on the best… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence-based policy — is public policy informed by rigorously established objective evidence. It is an extension of the idea of evidence based medicine to all areas of public policy. An important aspect of evidence based policy is the use of scientifically rigorous… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence Based Scheduling — (EBS) is a method of scheduling software projects coined by Joel Spolsky [ [ Joel On Software Article] ] . EBS looks at the historical track records of every person who enters estimates in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence (disambiguation) — Evidence may refer to:*Evidence, a scientific and philosophical concept *Evidence (law), which governs testimony and exhibits presented in a case * Evidence (short story) (1946), a short story by Isaac Asimov *Evidence (artist), Rapper/Producer,… …   Wikipedia

  • Evidence Knowledge Exchange — is a Norwegian non profit organisation that coordinates international workshops and meetings and works to pursue balanced communication of evidence based practice and empirical research. The objective of Evidence is to increase international… …   Wikipedia

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