index ample, capacious, convenient, extensive, practical, suitable

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  • Commodious — Com*mo di*ous, a. [LL. commodiosus, fr. L. commodum convenience, fr. commodus. See {Commode}.] Adapted to its use or purpose, or to wants and necessities; serviceable; spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable; as, a commodious house. A… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • commodious — early 15c., beneficial, convenient, from M.L. commodiosus convenient, useful, from L. commodus (see COMMODE (Cf. commode)). Meaning roomy, spacious first attested 1550s …   Etymology dictionary

  • commodious — capacious, *spacious, ample Analogous words: *comfortable: Marge, big, great: *broad, wide, deep Contrasted words: circumscribed, confined, limited, restricted (see LIMIT vb): inconvenient, incommodious (see corresponding verbs at INCONVENIENCE) …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • commodious — [adj] ample, spacious big, capacious, comfortable, convenient, expansive, extensive, large, loose, roomy, wide; concepts 773,781 Ant. confined, cramped, inconvenient, small, squeezed, uncomfortable …   New thesaurus

  • commodious — ► ADJECTIVE formal ▪ roomy and comfortable. ORIGIN Latin commodus convenient …   English terms dictionary

  • commodious — [kə mō′dē əs] adj. [ME, convenient < ML commodiosus < L commodus: see COMMODE] offering plenty of room; spacious; roomy commodiously adv. commodiousness n …   English World dictionary

  • commodious — commodiously, adv. commodiousness, n. /keuh moh dee euhs/, adj. 1. spacious and convenient; roomy: a commodious apartment. 2. ample or adequate for a particular purpose: a commodious harbor. [1375 1425; late ME < ML commodiosus, equiv. to L… …   Universalium

  • commodious — com|mo|di|ous [kəˈməudiəs US ˈmou ] adj formal [Date: 1500 1600; Origin: commodious useful (15 18 centuries), from French commodieux, from Latin commodus; COMMODE] a house or room that is commodious is very big …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • commodious — adjective Etymology: Middle English, fertile, useful, modification of Medieval Latin commodosus, from Latin commodum convenience, from neuter of commodus Date: 15th century 1. comfortably or conveniently spacious ; …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • commodious — adjective /kəˈməʊdiəs,kəˈmoʊdiəs/ a) Spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable. Last years model was much more commodious than the cars built now, for fuel efficiency. b) Adapted to its use or purpose, or to wants and necessities; suitable.… …   Wiktionary

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