con·spire /kən-'spīr/ vi con·spired, con·spir·ing [Latin conspirare to be in harmony, to join in an unlawful agreement, from com - together + spirare to breathe]: to join in a conspiracy compare solicit

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb abet, act in combination, act in concert, act in harmony, agree, aid, associate, be banded together, be stealthy, cabal, calculate, coact, cohere, collude, combine, combine for some evil design, combine operations, concert, concoct a plot, concur, confederate, confederate for an unlawful purpose, coniurare, conjoin, connive, conspirare, contribute toward, contrive, cooperate, countermine, counterplot, cowork, design, devise, devise treachery, form a coalition, form plots, frame, hatch a plot, hold together, intrigue, join, join forces, league together, league with, machinate, make an agreement with, make secret arrangements, maneuver, participate in an unlawful scheme, plan, plan a crime, plan an unlawful act, plan secretly, plan to commit a crime, plot, plot an action in advance, plot craftily, plot together, scheme, take part in, take part with, unify, unite associated concepts: conspire to commit a crime, conspire I to defraud the United States Government II index combine (act in concert), connive, contrive, cooperate, maneuver, plan, plot, scheme

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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