I (act of dispensing) noun accommodation, administration, allocation, allotment, appointment, apportionment, assignment, bestowal, bestowment, conferment, conferral, dispersal, dispersion, disposal, disposition, dissemination, distribution, division, fair sharing, impartation, impartment, issuance, partition, presentation, presentment, provision, repartition, share, subvention, transfer II (exception) noun absolution, acquiescence, allowance, amnesty, approval, authorization, carte blanche, certificate of exemption, clearance, conge, consent, deliberate omission, escape-clause, exception, exception in favor of, exclusion, exculpation, excuse, exemption, exemption from law, exoneration, forgiveness, freedom, grace, grant, immunity, indulgence, leave, liberty, license, noninclusion, nonliability, nonresponsibility, omission, pardon, permission, permit, privilege, relaxation of law, release from obligation, sanction, special privilege, sufferance, tolerance, toleration, warrant associated concepts: concession, franchise, special dispensation III index administration, alimony, allotment, appointment (act of designating), appropriation (allotment), assignment (allotment), benefit (conferment), capacity (authority), charter (license), circulation, contribution (donation), discharge (release from obligation), disposition (final arrangement), disposition (transfer of property), distribution (apportionment), donation, excuse, exoneration, franchise (license), gift (present), grant, gratuity (present), impunity, inheritance, leave (permission), legacy, pardon, privilege, quota, ration, release, reprieve, will (testamentary instrument)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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