I adjective accurate, admitting of no deviation, allowing no departure from the standard, careful, clear cut, close, correct, defined, detailed, diligens, exactus, explicit, express, faithful, literal, meticulous, minute, particular, plain, precise, punctilious, punctual, right, rigid, scrupulous, specific, strict, subtilis, true to fact, undeviating, unerring, unexaggerated, verbatim, with no mistake, without error associated concepts: exact copy II verb ask for, assess, call for, charge, claim, clamor for, coerce, compel, constrain, cry for, demand, demand payment, demand toll, draw from, dun, elicit, enforce, enjoin, extort, force, force payment, impel, impose, impose a duty, impose a tax, insist upon, lay a duty on, lay claim to, levy, make an authoritative request, make demands, make obligatory, make pay, make requisition, mulct, necessitate, obligate, oblige, order, press, require, require authoritatively, requisition, squeeze, task, tax, threaten, toll, urge, wrench, wrest, wring associated concepts: certified copy, exact copy III index absolute (conclusive), accurate, acquire (secure), actual, appropriate, attach (seize), bind (obligate), brief, call (demand), certain (particular), certain (specific), charge (assess), clear (apparent), close (rigorous), coerce, coherent (clear), command, compel, constrain (compel), decree, definite, definitive, demand, detailed, diligent, dun, enforce, enjoin, excise (levy a tax), explicit, express, extort, factual, faithful (true to fact), genuine, honest, identical, impose (enforce), insist, instruct (direct), laconic, levy, literal, meticulous, narrow, necessitate, need, precise, prescribe, press (constrain), punctilious, punctual, realistic, reliable, request, require (compel), right (direct), rigid, said, specific, strict, stringent, subtle (refined), systematic, tax (levy), tax (overwork), true (authentic), unambiguous, undistorted, verbatim

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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