form a league

form a league
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  • League of Communists of Montenegro — Savez komunista Crne Gore Leader see full list below …   Wikipedia

  • League of Russian Revolutionary Social-Democracy Abroad — was a Russian emigre political organisation, founded by Lenin in October 1901. The Iskra organisation abroad and the Sotsial Demokrat revolutionary organisation (which included the Emancipation of Labour group) united to form the League. The… …   Wikipedia

  • League of Prizren — The League of Prizren ( sq. Lidhja e Prizrenit) was an Albanian political organization founded on June 10, 1878 in Prizren, Vilayet of Kosovo, Ottoman Empire. It aimed at defending the Albanian inhabited lands from being annexed by Slavic… …   Wikipedia

  • league — n. alliance 1) to form a league 2) in league with group of teams 3) to form a league 4) (esp. Am. baseball) a big, major; bush (colloq.), minor league * * * [liːg] major minor league bush (colloq.) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • league — I UK [liːɡ] / US [lɪɡ] noun [countable] Word forms league : singular league plural leagues *** 1) a group of teams or players who regularly compete against one another, put in order according to how many points they have won the Italian first… …   English dictionary

  • league — {{11}}league (n.1) alliance, mid 15c., ligg, from M.Fr. ligue confederacy, league (15c.), from It. lega, from legare to tie, to bind, from L. ligare to bind (see LIGAMENT (Cf. ligament)). Originally among nations, subsequently extended to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • League of Polish Families — Infobox Political Party party name = League of Polish Families party colorcode = #0000FF leader = Mirosław Orzechowski foundation = 30 May 2001 ideology = National conservatism headquarters = ul. Hoża 9, 00 528 Warsaw europarl = 5 MEPs in Union… …   Wikipedia

  • league — I. noun Etymology: Middle English leuge, lege, from Late Latin leuga Date: 14th century 1. any of various units of distance from about 2.4 to 4.6 statute miles (3.9 to 7.4 kilometers) 2. a square league II. noun Etymology: Middle English (Scots)… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • league — I. n. 1. Alliance, confederation, confederacy, combination, coalition, union. 2. Three (geographical) miles. II. v. n. Unite, combine, confederate, band, form a league, form an alliance …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • League of Legends — Entwickler …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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