I noun acting, affectation, affectedness, airs, ars ludicra, artificial behavior for effect, display, dramatic art, dramatic representation, dramaturgy, emotional display for effect, exaggeration, false show, fanfaronade, melodramatics, orotundity, ostentation, overacting, overemphasis, parade, performance, pretense, scaenicus, show, showmanship, stagecraft, theatrecraft, theatricalism, theatricality, theatrical ness II index exaggeration, pretense (ostentation)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • histrionics — his tri*on ics, n. 1. The histrionic art; stageplaying; acting. [PJC] 2. Insincere, exaggeratedly emotional or overly dramatical speech or behavior performed to create an impression rather than as an expression of true feeling; feigned emotion.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • histrionics — “theatrics, pretense,” 1864, from HISTRIONIC (Cf. histrionic); also see ICS (Cf. ics) …   Etymology dictionary

  • histrionics — [n] theatrics dramatics, dramatization, performance, performing; concept 674 …   New thesaurus

  • histrionics — [his΄trē än′iks] pl.n. [sometimes with sing. v.] 1. theatricals; dramatics 2. an artificial or affected manner, display of emotion, etc.; melodramatics …   English World dictionary

  • histrionics — [[t]hɪ̱striɒ̱nɪks[/t]] N PLURAL (disapproval) If you disapprove of someone s dramatic and exaggerated behaviour, you can describe it as histrionics. When I explained everything to my mum and dad, there were no histrionics …   English dictionary

  • histrionics — /his tree on iks/, n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) 1. dramatic representation; theatricals; acting. 2. behavior or speech for effect, as insincere or exaggerated expression of an emotion; dramatics; operatics: Cut out the histrionics we know you …   Universalium

  • histrionics — noun /hɪstɹiˈɒnɪks,hɪstɹiˈɑnɪks/ Exaggerated, overemotional behaviour, especially when calculated to elicit a response; melodramatics. I’m tired of Mary’s histrionics. Syn: drama …   Wiktionary

  • Histrionics (The Higher album) — Infobox Album Name = Histrionics Type = studio Artist = The Higher Released = May 3, 2005 Recorded = Genre = Rock Length = Label = Fiddler Records Producer = Reviews = Last album = This album = Histrionics Next album = On Fire Histrionics was an… …   Wikipedia

  • histrionics — noun plural but singular or plural in construction Date: 1864 1. theatrical performances 2. deliberate display of emotion for effect …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • histrionics — Synonyms and related words: Thespian art, amateur theatricals, blazon, blood and thunder, bravura, brilliancy, daring, dash, demonstration, demonstrativeness, display, dramatic art, dramatic form, dramatic irony, dramatic stroke, dramatic… …   Moby Thesaurus

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