con·duct /'kän-ˌdəkt/ n
1 a: the act, manner, or process of carrying on or managing
his conduct of the case was negligent
b: an act or omission to act
a crime is that conduct which is defined as criminalLouisiana Revised Statutes
2: mode or standard of personal behavior

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun actions, acts, address, air, aspect, attitude, bearing, behavior, behavior pattern, breeding, carriage, code, compliance, comportment, conformance, correctness, course of behavior, dealings, decorum, deeds, demeanor, deportment, established practice, ethics, etiquette, fashion, guise, habits, management, manner, manners, method, mien, mode of action, mode of behavior, morals, operation, performance, personal bearing, port, posture, practice, presence, procedure, propriety, public manners, role, seemliness, social behavior, social graces, style, way, way of acting, ways, wise associated concepts: coercive conduct, course of conduct, disorderly conduct, good conduct, immoral conduct, improper conduct, inequitable conduct, justifiable conduct, reasonable conduct, standard of conduct, unprofessional conduct II verb administer, administrare, administrate, assume responsibility, carry on, carry out, command, control, deal with, direct, direct affairs, discharge, dispatch, do, enact, execute, gerere, guide, handle, have control, lead, look after, manage, officiate at, operate, oversee, perducere, pilot, preside over, proceed with, regulate, run, superintend, supervise, take care of, take charge of, transact, usher associated concepts: conduct a business, conduct a sale, conducted for profit, conducting business foreign phrases:
- Melius est recurrere quam malo currere. — It is better to recede than to proceed in error
III index administration, agency (legal relationship), behavior, comport (behave), control (regulate), course, decorum, demean (deport oneself), demeanor, deportment, direct (show), direct (supervise), direction (guidance), discipline (training), ethics, exercise (discharge a function), govern, handle (manage), manage, management (judicious use), manipulate (utilize skillfully), manner (behavior), modus operandi, officiate, operate, orchestrate, overlook (superintend), oversee, practice (procedure), prescribe, presence (poise), procedure, process (course), prosecute (carry forward), protect, pursue (carry on), regulate (manage), regulation (management), render (administer), rule (govern), transact, transmit, transport, usage

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

One of the potentially fair reasons for dismissal under the ERA 1996 which the employer must establish if it is to show that an employee has not been unfairly dismissed (unfair dismissal).
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