I (obey) verb abide by, acquiesce, adhere to, attend, be faithful to, be guided by, be regulated by, be submissive to, bow to, carry out, cling to, comply with, conform, conservare, cooperate, discharge, do the will of, execute, follow, fulfill, heed, honor, keep, obey, observare, pay attention to, perform, respect, satisfy, show regard for, yield to associated concepts: observe the laws II (remark) verb announce, articulate, assert, aver, comment, communicate, couch in terms, declare, exclaim, express, give expression to, give tongue to, give utterance to, give voice to, impart, make a remark, make mention of, mention, muse, phrase, proclaim, put into words, say, state, tell, utter, vocalize, voice III (watch) verb animadvertere, attend, be a spectator, be a witness, be attentive, be aware, be conscious, be vigilant, behold, command a view, descry, devote attention to, direct the eyes to, espy, examine, eye, follow, gaze at, give attention to, give heed to, have in sight, heed, hold in view, inspect, keep an eye on, keep in sight, keep in view, lay eyes on, look, look at, mark, mind, note, notice, observare, pay attention, pay heed, peer at, perceive, peruse, reconnoiter, regard, review, scan, scout, scrutinize, see, spectare, spy, survey, take cognizance of, take note, take notice, take stock, turn the attention to, turn the eyes on, view associated concepts: eyewitness IV index abide, bear (tolerate), check (inspect), comment, comply, conform, consider, detect, discern (detect with the senses), discover, examine (study), express, find (discover), fulfill, heed, keep (fulfill), mention, monitor, note (notice), notice (observe), obey, patrol, perceive, perform (adhere to), peruse, phrase, pierce (discern), police, probe, regard (pay attention), relate (tell), remark, scrutinize, spy, study, survey (examine), witness (have direct knowledge of)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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