lattice model

lattice model

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  • Lattice model (physics) — For other meanings, see lattice model (disambiguation) In physics, a lattice model is a physical model that is defined on a lattice, as opposed to the continuum of space or spacetime. Lattice models originally occurred in the context of condensed …   Wikipedia

  • Lattice model (finance) — In finance, a lattice model can be used to find the fair value of a stock option. The model divides time between now and the option s expiration into N discrete periods. At the specific time n , the model has an infinite number of outcomes at… …   Wikipedia

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  • Lattice-based access control — In computer security, lattice based access control (LBAC) is a complex access control based on the interaction between any combination of objects (such as resources, computers, and applications) and subjects (such as individuals, groups or… …   Wikipedia

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  • Lattice gas automaton — Lattice gas automata (LGA) or lattice gas cellular automata (LGCA) methods are a series of cellular automata methods used to simulate fluid flows. It was the precursor to the lattice Boltzmann methods. From the LGCA, it is possible to derive the… …   Wikipedia

  • Lattice Boltzmann methods — (LBM) is a class of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods for fluid simulation. Instead of solving the Navier–Stokes equations, the discrete Boltzmann equation is solved to simulate the flow of a Newtonian fluid with collision models such as …   Wikipedia

  • Lattice protein — Lattice proteins are highly simplified computer models of proteins which are used to investigate protein folding. Because proteins are such large molecules, containing hundreds or thousands of atoms, it is not possible with current technology to… …   Wikipedia

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