civ·il /'si-vəl/ adj [Latin civilis, from civis citizen]
1: concerning, befitting, or applying to individual citizens or to citizens as a whole
a civil duty see also civil right
2: marked by public order: peaceable in behavior
3: of or relating to a legal system based on Roman law as opposed to the English common law see also the judicial system in the back matter
4: relating to private rights and to judicial proceedings in connection with them; esp: relating to legal matters other than those characterized as criminal
a civil action
a civil infraction
5: defined by law: legal
a civil disability
6: of, relating to, or involving the general public, their activities, needs, ways, or civic affairs as distinguished from special (as military or religious) affairs
the civil authorities
the civil service
civ·il·ly adv

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (polite) adjective accommodating, affable, amiable, chivalric, chivalrous, civilized, cordial, courteous, courtly, cultivated, deferential, dignified, diplomatic, easy-mannered, fine-mannered, genial, genteel, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, gracious, mannerly, mild, obliging, polished, refined, respectful, urbane, well-behaved, well-bred, well-brought up, well-mannered, well-spoken II (public) adjective civic, civilian, communal, governmental, laic, laical, metropolitan, mundane, municipal, noncriminal, noneccliastical, nonmilitary, oppidan, political, secular, social, societal, temporal, unspiritual, urban, worldly associated concepts: civil action, civil aeronautics board, civil arrest, civil authorities, civil case, civil cause, civil ceremony, civil contempt, civil contract, civil courts, civil damages, civil death, civil defense, civil disabilities, civil jurisdiction, civil law, civil liability, civil liberties, civil matters, civil officer, civil proceedings, civil rights, civil service, civil service commission, civil suit, civil unrest, civil war foreign phrases:
- Cum actio fuerit mere crlminalis, instttui poterit ab initio criminaliter vel civillter. — When an action is merely criminal, it can be instituted from the beginning either criminally or civilly
III index civic, obeisant, public (affecting people)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

Having to do with the concerns of citizens and the state; the branch of law that handles private matters as opposed to criminal ones.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

Noncriminal. (See also: civil case)
Category: Representing Yourself in Court
Category: Small Claims Court & Lawsuits

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 Of or pertaining to all matters concerning the law except for matters arising under criminal law and military law.
See also civil law.
2 Secular.
3 Of or pertaining to the duties, rights, and status of citizens and other residents of a country or state.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

Relating to private rights and remedies sought by civil actions as contrasted with criminal proceedings.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

   1) that part of the law that encompasses business, contracts, estates, domestic (family) relations, accidents, negligence and everything related to legal issues, statutes and lawsuits, that is not criminal law. In a few areas civil and criminal law may overlap or coincide. For example, a person may be liable under a civil lawsuit for negligently killing a pedestrian with his auto by running over the person and be charged with the crime of vehicular homicide due to his/her reckless driving. Assault may bring about arrest by the police under criminal law and a lawsuit by the party attacked under civil law.
   2) referring to one's basic rights guaranteed under the Constitution (and the interpretations and statutes intended to implement the enforcement of those rights) such as voting, equitable taxation, freedom of speech, press, religion and assembly. Generally these are referred to as "civil rights," which have required constant diligence and struggle to ensure and expand, as in the Civil Rights movement between 1950 and 1980. Violation of one's civil rights may be a crime under federal and/or state statutes. Civil rights include civil liberties. Civil liberties emphasize protection from infringement upon basic freedoms, while statutory rights are based on laws passed by Congress or state legislatures.
   See also: civil liberties, civil rights

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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