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  • truckload — UK US /ˈtrʌkləʊd/ noun [C] ► the amount of something that fills a truck: »They supplied 13,250 truckloads of sand. ► INFORMAL a lot of something: »They are making a truckload of money on this deal. »They are buying up shares by the truckload …   Financial and business terms

  • truckload — [truk′lōd΄] n. 1. a load that fills a truck 2. the minimum weight of a specific commodity qualifying as a truckload of that commodity in rates that apply to the shipment of goods by truck …   English World dictionary

  • truckload — UK [ˈtrʌkˌləʊd] / US [ˈtrʌkˌloʊd] noun [countable] Word forms truckload : singular truckload plural truckloads 1) the quantity of goods that a truck can carry truckload of: six truckloads of food 2) informal a large quantity of something… …   English dictionary

  • truckload — truck|load [ trʌk,loud ] noun count 1. ) the quantity of goods that a truck can carry: truckload of: six truckloads of food 2. ) INFORMAL a large quantity of something: truckload of: a truckload of evidence …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • truckload — truck|load [ˈtrʌkləud US loud] n the amount that fills a truck truckload of ▪ a truckload of oranges …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • truckload — noun Date: 1862 1. a load or amount that fills or could fill a truck 2. the minimum weight required for shipping at truckload rates 3. a large amount < truckloads of money > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • truckload — /truk lohd /, n. 1. the amount that a truck can carry. 2. the minimum weight legally required for making shipments at a rate (truckload rate) below that charged for shipments under this minimum. [1860 65; TRUCK1 + LOAD] * * * …   Universalium

  • truckload — noun a) A full truck or lorry We were expecting just a handful of people to come to the festival, but then a truckload of revellers started arriving at the festival gates b) A large number Syn: truckful, busload …   Wiktionary

  • truckload — [[t]trʌ̱kloʊd[/t]] truckloads also truck load N COUNT: usu N of n A truckload of goods or people is the amount of them that a truck can carry. Truckloads of food, blankets, and other necessities reached the city …   English dictionary

  • truckload — n. full cargo of a truck; minimum weight required to ship at truckload rates …   English contemporary dictionary

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