con·sor·tium /kən-'sȯr-shəm; -shē-əm/ n pl -sor·tia /-shə, -shē-ə/ also -sortiums [Latin, sharing, partnership, from consort - consors sharer, partner]
1: an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member
2 [Medieval Latin, marital partnership, from Latin]: the right of one spouse to the company, affection, and assistance of and to sexual relations with the other; also: the right of a parent or child to the company, affection, and assistance of the other
suing for loss of consortium compare society

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (business cartel) noun association, business agreement, business combine, business entente, cartel, coalition, combination, combination of financial institutions, confederacy, consolidation, league, merger, monopoly, partnership, pool, syndicate, trust, union II (marriage companionship) noun accommodation, affiliation, affinity, alliance, assistance, association, attachment, closeness, comfort, compact, companionship, compliance, comradeship, concordance, congruity, congruousness, consociation, consortship, correspondence, familiarity, friendship, help, intercommunion, intimacy, league, marriage accord, marriage compatibility, marriage concord, partnership, reciprocal feeling, understanding associated concepts: loss of consortium III index affiliation (amalgamation), cartel, coalition, consolidation, contact (association), matrimony, pact, partnership, pool, syndicate, trust (combination of businesses)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

A group of UK resident companies together owning at least 75% of a company can apply for consortium relief - allowing tax losses to be shared between the company and the consortium members on a pro-rata basis on similar principles to group relief.

Easyform Glossary of Law Terms. — UK law terms.

(1) A married person’s right to fellowship, help, and affection from his or her spouse.
(2) An association of several companies that join together to pursue a common object for a specified period of time, in which the members do not assume liability for one another’s actions.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

1) A group of separate individuals or companies that come together to undertake an enterprise or transaction that is beyond the means of any one member. For example, a group of local businesses might form a consortium to fund and construct a new office complex.
2) The duties and rights associated with marriage. Consortium includes all the tangible and intangible benefits that one spouse derives from the other, including material support, companionship, affection, guidance, and sexual relations. The term may arise in a lawsuit if a spouse brings a claim against a third party for "loss of consortium" after the other spouse is injured or killed.
Category: Business, LLCs & Corporations → LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, etc.
Category: Divorce & Family Law

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

consortium or consortium members
the group of private sector participants who have come together for the purpose of tendering for a PPP contract.

Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of UK, US and international legal terms. . 2010.

1 The affection, companionship, and sexual gratification that one receives from another, especially from a spouse or, in some states, a fellow participant in a civil union.
2 In some states, the affection and companionship between a parent and a child.
@ loss of consortium
The loss of such affection, companionship, and sexual gratification as a result of the negligent or intentional injury or death of a spouse. May be the basis for a tort action for alienation of affections or an element in determining the damages awarded in a wrongful injury or death lawsuit.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

The marital alliance between a husband and wife and their respective right to each other's support, cooperation, aid, and companionship.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

The marital alliance between a husband and wife and their respective right to each other's support, cooperation, aid, and companionship.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

   1) a group of separate businesses or business people joining together and cooperating to complete a project, work together to perform a contract or conduct an on-going business. For example, six companies, including Bechtel and Kaiser, joined together in a consortium to build Boulder (now Hoover) Dam, with each providing different expertise or components.
   2) the marital relationship, particularly sexual intimacies, between husband and wife. Consortium arises in a lawsuit as a claim of "loss of consortium." Often it means that due to one spouse's injuries or emotional distress he/she cannot have sexual relations for a period of time or permanently, which is a loss to the mate for which he/she should be awarded damages. How loss of consortium is valued in money terms is a difficult question.

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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