close 1 vb closed, clos·ing
1: to bring to an end or to a state of completion
closed the case
close an estate by liquidating its assets
closing his account
2: to conclude discussion or negotiation about; also: to bring to completion by performing something previously agreed
closing a merger
close the property sale
1: to enter into or complete an agreement (as for the sale of real estate)
they closed on the house
2: to come to an end or to a state of completion
after the class closes, the trust shall continue...until the death of the last surviving member of the classLouisiana Revised Statutes
close 2 n: an enclosed area
break another's close

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (intimate) adjective allied, bosom, brotherly, confidential, dear, devoted, faithful, familiar, fast, fraternal, friendly, inseparable, strongly attached associated concepts: close corporation, closely held II (near) adjective adjacent, adjoining, approaching, approximate, at hand, bordering, close at hand, close by, coming, contiguous, forthcoming, handy, imminent, impending, in close proximity, in the area, in the neighborhood, in the vicinity, near at hand, nearby, neighboring, nigh, propinquus, proximal, proximate, tangent, touching, vicinal associated concepts: close confinement, close proximity III (rigorous) adjective assiduous, attentive, careful, conscientious, diligent, earnest, exact, hard, harsh, intense, keen, meticulous, parcus, precise, punctilious, relentless, rigid, scrupulous, severe, sharp, stiff, strict, stringent, tenax, uncompromising, unremitting, unsparing IV (conclusion) noun adjournment, cessation, closing, closure, completion, conclusio, consummation, discontinuance, discontinuation, end, ending, expiration, finale, finis, finish, last part, last stage, omega, peroration, shutdown, stoppage, termination, terminus, windup associated concepts: the close of a trial, the closing on a real estate transaction V (enclosed area) noun compound, confine, court, courtyard, enclosure, grounds, pen, precinct, square, yard associated concepts: breaking the close VI (agree) verb accept an offer, arrive at an agreement, bargain, come to an arrangement, come to an understanding, come to terms, consent, endorse, enter into a contractual obligation, establish by agreement, execute, finalize, finalize an agreement, fix by agreement, give assurance, go to contract, guarantee, make a bargain, make an agreement, negotiate, pacisci, seek accord, settle, strike a bargain, subscribe, undertake, underwrite associated concepts: close a business transaction, close a real estate transaction VII (terminate) verb apply the closure, break off, bring to an end, call a halt, cause a stoppage, cease, claudere, come to a stop, come to an end, complete, conclude, consummate, discontinue, dispatch, dispose of, eliminate, end, expire, finish, finish up, fulfill, halt, have run its course, interrupt, make an end of, make inactive, operire, prosecute to a conclusion, put a stop to, run out, shut down, stop, surcease, suspend, suspend operation, wind up associated concepts: close a bank account, close a case, close a grand jury investigation, close an investigation VIII index approximate, block, brief, cease, cessation (termination), clog, cognate, coherent (joined), cohesive (compact), compact (dense), comparable (capable of comparison), complete, conclude (complete), conclusion (outcome), constrict (inhibit), contestable, contiguous, culminate, defeasance, denouement, discontinue (abandon), dispatch (dispose of), dissolution (termination), end (termination), exact, expiration, expire, extremity (death), faithful (true to fact), finality, finish, future, grapple, halt, hidden, illiberal, immediate (imminent), immediate (not distant), inarticulate, indivisible, inseparable, instant, intense, intimate, literal, local, lock, moratorium, noncommittal, obturate, occlude, outcome, parsimonious, pendent, pending (imminent), penurious, populous, precise, present (attendant), proximate, secret, shut, similar, solid (compact), stop, strict, taciturn, terminate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

(1) To complete or bring to an end.
(2) To cover an opening.
(1) Near, nearby.
(2) Closed or restricted.
(1) An enclosed piece of land surrounded by a visible or invisible boundary;
see also inclosure
(2) The end of a period of time or event.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

1 n. An enclosed place or tract of land.
2 n. The visible boundary around an enclosed place or tract of land, consisting of a fence, hedge, wall, or similar structure, or the invisible boundary around an unenclosed place or tract of land. The boundary is "broken" if anyone crosses the boundary without permission or an invitation from the land's owner.
See also breach.
3 n. The legal interest of one who owns a particular piece of enclosed or unenclosed land.
4 v. To consummate, conclude, or bring to an end, especially a discussion or negotiation.
See also closing.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

A parcel of land that is surrounded by a boundary of some kind, such as a hedge or a fence.
To culminate, complete, finish, or bring to an end. To seal up. To restrict to a certain class. A narrow margin, as in a close election.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

A parcel of land that is surrounded by a boundary of some kind, such as a hedge or a fence.
To culminate, complete, finish, or bring to an end. To seal up. To restrict to a certain class. A narrow margin, as in a close election.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

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