I (current) adjective abundant, accepted, accustomary, accustomed, all-embracing, bourgeois, catholic, characteristic, colloquial, common, commonplace, comprehensive, conformable, contemporary, conventional, current, customary, diffuse, dominant, epidemic, established, everyday, extensive, familiar, frequent, general, generally accepted, global, habitual, in vogue, latest, natural, normal, pandemic, popular, predominant, prevalent, rampant, regular, rife, stock, sweeping, typical, universal, up-to-date, usual, vernacular, well-known, widely accepted, widespread, wonted, workaday, worldwide associated concepts: prevailing conditions, prevailing rate, prevailing rate of interest II (having superior force) adjective ascendant, authoritative, chief, commanding, conquering, controlling, defeating, determining, directing, dominant, dominating, effective, effectual, efficacious, forceful, governing, heading, hegemonic, hegemonical, influential, leading, mighty, moving, operative, overcoming, overruling, paramount, persuasive, potent, powerful, predominant, predominating, preponderant, preponderating, puissant, regnant, ruling, strong, successful, supreme, triumphal, triumphant, unvanquished, victorious, weighty, winning associated concepts: prevailing party III index accustomed (customary), cardinal (outstanding), coercion, common (customary), convincing, current, customary, dominant, familiar (customary), force (compulsion), forcible, general, influential, leading (ranking first), master, ordinary, orthodox, popular, potent, powerful, predominant, prevalent, prime (most valuable), principal, regular (conventional), rife, successful, typical, usual

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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