I adjective absolute, complete, consummate, downright, exhaustive, full, intensive, plenary, rank, rigid, severe, sheer, stark, thorough, unbounded, unconditional, unqualified, unsoftened, unsuppressed, untamed, untempered, unyielding, utter II index absolute (conclusive), categorical, chronic, comprehensive, disorderly, drastic, gross (flagrant), harsh, intensive, outright, pure, rigid, severe, stark, thorough, unqualified (unlimited)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • unmitigated — [un mit′ə gāt΄id] adj. 1. not lessened or eased [unmitigated suffering] 2. unqualified; out and out; absolute [an unmitigated fool] unmitigatedly adv …   English World dictionary

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