I verb ban, banish, bar, block, check, circumscribe, control, counteract, curb, debar, deny, disallow, disqualify, embargo, enjoin, exclude, forbid, foreclose, forfend, gainsay, halt, hamper, hinder, impede, inhibit, interdict, interfere, limit, make illegal, negate, negative, obstruct, omit, oppose, preclude, prevent, proscribe, protest, quash, quell, refuse, refuse permission, regulate, reject, repress, repudiate, restrain, restrict, revoke, shut out, smother, stay, stop, suppress, suspend, thwart, traverse, veto associated concepts: prohibited action, prohibited by law, prohibited form, prohibited practice foreign phrases:
- Contra legem facit qui Id facit quod lex prohibit; in fraudem vero qui, salvls verbis legjs, sententiam ejus circumvenit — He who does what the law prohibits, acts in fraud of the law; the letter of the law being inviolate, cheats the spirit of it.
- Cut licet guod majus, non debet quod minus est non licere. — He who is allowed to do the greater ought not to be prohibited from doing the less
- Idem est facere, et nolle prohlbere cum possis. — It is the same thing to commit an act as not to prohibit it when it is in your power.
II index abolish, abrogate (annul), abrogate (rescind), ban, bar (exclude), bar (hinder), block, censor, clog, condemn (ban), constrain (restrain), contain (restrain), control (restrain), counter, curb, debar, deny (refuse to grant), disfranchise, disqualify, dissent (withhold assent), eliminate (exclude), enjoin, estop, exclude, fetter, forbid, forestall, halt, inhibit, interdict, interfere, keep (restrain), lock, negate, obstruct, occlude, oppose, preclude, prevent, refuse, reject, repel (drive back), repress, restrain, restrict, revoke, stay (halt), stop, suppress, withhold

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

To prevent; to forbid by law or rule.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

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