ap·pre·hen·sion /ˌa-pri-'hen-chən/ n: arrest

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (act of arresting) noun arrest, caption, capture, catch, confinement, detention, holding in custody, imprisonment, incarceration, internment, restraint, retention, seizure, taking, taking hold II (fear) noun agitation, alarm, anticipation of adversity, anxiety, apprehensiveness, care, concern, consternation, distrust, foreboding, misdoubt, misgiving, mistrust, overanxiety, perturbation phobia, presentiment, qualm, sense of danger, suspicion, threat, trepidation, uneasiness, worry III (perception) noun cognition, cognizance, comprehension, conception, discernment, grasp, idea, image, impression, intellection, judgment, knowledge, mastery, mental capacity, notion, observation, opinion, recognition, reflection, sense, thought, understanding, view IV index appropriation (taking), arrest, cloud (suspicion), cognition, comprehension, concept, consternation, constraint (imprisonment), detection, dialectic, doubt (indecision), doubt (suspicion), fear, fright, idea, impression, misgiving, notion, perception, phobia, position (point of view), qualm, realization, scienter, scruple, sense (feeling), stress (strain), suspicion (mistrust), trepidation, understanding (comprehension)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

The seizure and arrest of a person who is suspected of having committed a crime.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

The seizure and arrest of a person who is suspected of having committed a crime.
A reasonable belief of the possibility of imminent injury or death at the hands of another that justifies a person acting in self-defense against the potential attack.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

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