good 1 adj bet·ter, best
1: commercially sound or reliable
a good risk
2 a: valid or effectual under the law
b: free of defects
3 a: characterized by honesty and fairness
b: conforming to a standard of virtue
shall hold their offices during good behaviorU.S. Constitution art. III; also: characterized by or relating to good behavior
good 2 n
1: advancement of prosperity and well-being
for the good of the community
2: an item of tangible movable personal property having value but usu. excluding money, securities, and negotiable instruments
— usu. used in pl.: as
a pl: all things under section 2-105 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are movable at the time of identification to the contract for sale other than the money that is to be paid, investment securities, and choses in action
b pl: all things under section 9-104 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are movable at the time that a security interest in them attaches or that are fixtures but excluding money, documents, instruments, accounts, chattel paper, general intangibles, and minerals or the like before extraction
consumer goods: goods purchased primarily for personal, family, or household uses
du·ra·ble goods: consumer goods that last and are used for a number of years: durables
fungible goods: goods of which any unit is by nature or by usage of trade the equivalent of any other unit esp. as defined by section 1-201 of the Uniform Commercial Code
fu·ture goods: goods that are the subject of a contract but are not yet existing or specified
hard goods: durable goods in this entry
house·hold goods: goods used in connection with the home; specif: furniture, furnishings, and personal effects used in a dwelling as defined by section 7-209 of the Uniform Commercial Code
mo·bile goods: goods as defined in section 9-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are mobile, are of a type (as vehicles) usu. used in more than one jurisdiction, are not covered by a certificate of title, and are either the equipment of a debtor or inventory leased by a debtor
or·di·nary goods: goods as defined by section 9-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are anything other than those covered by a certificate of title, mobile goods, or minerals
pro·duc·er goods: goods (as tools and raw materials) used to produce other goods and satisfy human wants only indirectly
soft goods: consumer goods that are not durable goods

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (favorable) adjective admirable, ample, apt, auspicious, beneficial, capital, choice, clean, cordial, correct, estimable, ethical, excellent, fair, favorable, fine, first-rate, genial, healthful, innocent, legitimate, palatable, praiseworthy, preferable, proper, propitious, reliable, replete, responsible, right, rightful, salubrious, salutary, savory, select, seemly, serviceable, solid, sound, sterling, sufficient, unsullied, untainted, wholesome, worthy II (nice) adjective apt, agreeable, bona fide, chaste, commendable, conscientious, cordial, decent, decorous, devout, dutiful, estimable, ethical, exemplary, genial, genuine, honest, honorable, human, just, kind, likeable, meritorious, moral, pious, proper, pure, reliable, righteous, sapid, seemly, sincere, solid, sufficient, toothsome, upright, valid, valuable, virtuous, well-behaved, wholesome, worthy associated concepts: Good Samaritan III (skilled) adjective competent, correct, first-rate, fit, proficient, right, select, skilled, tiptop associated concepts: a licensed practitioner in good standing IV (benefit) noun advantage, benefit, blessing, enjoyment, excellence, favor, gain, happiness, improvement, item, kindness, prize, profit, prosperity, service, weal, well-being, windfall V (virtue) noun caliber, character, ethics, honesty, integrity, merit, probity, rectitude, righteousness, value, veracity, weal, worth VI index advantage, appropriate, auspicious, behalf, benefit (betterment), clean, competent, ethical, favorable (advantageous), item, meritorious, moral, palatable, preferable, proficient, salutary, sapid, savory, select, sterling, upright, valid, valuable, welfare

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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